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Why SERVPRO of Edina/Eden Prairie? Ready to Help 24/7

1/30/2019 (Permalink)

When pipes freeze or burst, the water damage that happens can be quickly addressed by SERVPRO of Edina/Eden Prairie.

SERVPRO of Edina/Eden Prairie is Ready to Help in the Cold Weather

Arctic temperatures and other extreme weather does occur in Illinois during winter.  When it happens, especially cold temperatures, property is at risk to all manner of damage.  Frozen pipes, pipe breaks, water leaking, loss of heating or water, and more.  Any of these forms of damage can be addressed by SERVPRO.

One of the most common types of property damage is water related that happens during extreme cold temperatures. Exterior pipes can freeze, water lines can burst from freezing, and water may leak out of clogged lines.  When these cold weather events happen in the dead of winter SERVPRO of Edina/Eden Prairie prepares our staff for a rise in calls, as well as calls at all hours. 

When pipes freeze or burst and you need a professional response quickly, call SERVPRO of Edina/Eden Prairie at 952-563-1532.

Need help with a water problem? SERVPRO of Edina/ Eden Prairie is a phone call away

9/28/2018 (Permalink)

When you have water in your home and need help, call SERVPRO of Edina/ Eden Prairie for emergency assistance.

A toilet overflows, a broken pipe, heavy rain storm, a hole in your roof, whatever the cause, if you have a water damage in your home, help is only a phone call away.  Serving the Edina/ Eden Prairie area, SERVPRO is an area leader in helping with water damage problems in homes and businesses.  Staffed with a team of trained technicians, we also have the vehicles and equipment to provide water extraction, structural drying, and repairs to your home or business.

Offering Full Service Water Damage Response

When you find yourself with a water problem, we can not only provide the emergency assistance to remove the water and provide drying and repairs, but we can contact a plumber if need be, as well as work with your insurance company throughout the process.

Need help with a water problem? Call SERVPRO of Edina/ Eden Prairie at (952) 563-1532.

Emergency Equipment for Property Damage is Ready for Edina/ Eden Prairie

9/28/2018 (Permalink)

Our shelves and vehicles have the equipment needed to help you after a fire, water or other damage happens at home or at a commercial facility.

When the unexpected happens, you can count on SERVPRO of Edina/ Eden Prairie to respond to any type of property damage.  Our crews have the experience and training to respond to all manner of damage, with equipment and vehicles prepared to respond to fire, water or other damage. As an emergency response company, we are ready to help 24/7.  Fires, water damage and property damage doesn’t keep a schedule so our teams are always on standby. 

You never expect the unexpected to happen but it’s good to know that a SERVPRO is nearby and ready to respond to whatever situation happens. 

Call SERVPRO of Edina/ Eden Prairie if you have experienced any of the following:

  • Fire Damage
  • Smoke or soot damage
  • Water damage
  • Mold discovered
  • Damaged property
  • Hazardous materials

For 24/7 emergency service, call (952) 563-1532

Restoration for Commercial Properties by SERVPRO of Edina/Eden Prairie

9/25/2018 (Permalink)

When a commercial property suffers property damage, count on SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie

Flooding, fires and property damage happen at homes and businesses alike.  The difference with a commercial property is usually the size and scope of the damage but also, the rush to get the business up and running again, quickly.  When a quick response and experience are the difference between a business opening sooner, count on SERVPRO of Edina/Eden Prairie. 

If a water damage, fire, or other disaster impacts a commercial property, it ripples through many lives.  When a commercial property closes because of damage, it impacts employees, customers and local communities.  Business interruption is costly for everyone associated and restoring the damage as quickly as possible is the goal. This is where a responsive and experienced team like SERVPRO of Edina/Eden Prairie can help turn around a bad situation and get the business back up and running.  

Response for your Commercial Property and Business

At SERVPRO of Edina/Eden Prairie, our team has the large-loss experience and resources available to respond to large, commercial property damage.  We have a team that has years of experience responding to commercial property damage throughout Minnesota and the Midwest, as well as traveling to hurricane impacted areas, as far as Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.  When your business suffers damage and requires a fast, professional response to restore your operation, count on SERVPRO. Property owners, employees and customers will be grateful when the doors open again so quickly. 

When you experience Fire Damage, SERVPRO of Edina/Eden Prairie can help

9/24/2018 (Permalink)

Some fires destroy nearly everything. SERVPRO of Edina/ Eden Prairie will try their best to save all we can

Have you recently experienced fire damage? Whether it was a small fire and you have smoke and soot smell, or if a fire burned a significant portion of your home or office, we can help.  SERVPRO of Edina/Eden Prairie has experience tackling smoke odors, as well as repairing or rebuilding property following a fire.  Our services can range from a thorough cleaning to a complete rebuild.  

When our technicians arrive on site after a fire, they will begin a series of procedures and pretests to identify the type of services and level of restoration needed.  Not all fires are equal, and the response to different types of smoke damage or the severity of the fire damage will be evaluated. 

Pre-Testing and Job Scope for Restoration

One of the procedures that all SERVPRO technicians perform is pre-testing.  During this procedure a technician will determine what furniture or contents in your home or commercial building were affected by smoke or fire damage.  We will try to save as much as possible and determine what items can be cleaned and restored, rather than replaced. Just one of the ways that SERVPRO of Edina/Eden Prairie can help you after a fire.

Flooding from a Storm: SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie can Repair the Damage

6/27/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding from Storm Damage can be repaired by SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie

Summer rain quickly turned into a storm.  Before long, a golf course was flooded and water rushed into the clubhouse. Water stood two feet high throughout the lower level, which houses employee dormitories, a member lounge, elevator shafts, and the country club wine cellar. Help was needed.

After the storm, SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie was called and went to work. The water was pumped out and unsalvageable items were removed. Mitigation teams cut the wet drywall and began drying the facility. After the property was dried, the rebuild began, with construction teams restoring the property to its original state. New drywall, flooring, and trim was installed. Soon enough, the club was back to normal and the course resumed operations. 

If your home or business experiences storm damage that results in flooding, water damage, or other property damage, SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie can help.

Commercial Property Restoration by SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie

6/25/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie responds to Commercial Property Damage

Commercial Property Damage

Property damage can happen anywhere.  Fires, floods, storm damage, or other types of damage can impact homes, as well as businesses and commercial property.  SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie regularly responds to water and fire damage in large, commercial buildings and businesses of all sizes.  If a commercial building or business experiences any form of damage to their operation, it is imperative to get the situation under control and up and running as quickly as possible. Each day not open or operating means that people can’t work, with business interruption having a profound impact on the local economy and beyond.  These are the situations when SERVPRO can help and restore damage quickly.

Responding to Fire, Flood, and other Damage

SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie responds to storm, fire, flood or other types of property damage and helps get your commercial building and/or business back up and running as quickly as possible. 

SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie has experience working on commercial projects, such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools and Universities
  • Medical and Assisted Living Facilities
  • Manufacturing Operations and Food Plants
  • Commercial Office Buildings

Damage from heavy rain or high winds: SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie will respond to all storm damage

6/21/2018 (Permalink)

If a storm has caused damage, SERVPRO of Plymouth / Long Lake / Medina can respond with one truck or the 53’ disaster trailer.

Property Damage from a Storm

Some storms can deliver more than thunder and lightning. Summertime storms can bring powerful winds, heavy rains and severe damage to property. If your property is damaged from a storm, SERVPRO can help.  As 24-hour emergency restoration company that lives in the same area as you, we know when these storms happen and are prepared to respond.

Storm Damage at your Home or Business

Summer storms usually involve water damage, water in the basement, or rain entering a building through a damaged roof or window.  Aside from making sure everyone is safe (including pets), the next step is to stop any further damage from happening.  SERVPRO will provide temporary closures to any open areas before beginning remediation and restoration.  What does that mean?  We will remove any standing water and/or debris and start drying the property.  If there was damage to a roof, walls, windows or other parts of a structure, we can repair all damaged areas, from roofs to windows and carpet. 

Commercial to Residential Restoration After a Storm

As part of the national Disaster Recovery Team, SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie is fully prepared to respond in force to any size disaster, bringing all the people and equipment necessary, including our disaster trailer.  If the damage affected a portion of a living room, we will respond there as well.

If you have a water problem or wind has damaged your home or office, call SERVPRO.

Mold in the House: SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie provides mold remediation for your home or office

6/19/2018 (Permalink)

When mold is discovered, SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie will provide an assessment, containment and expert mold remediation

Discovering mold in your home or office can be alarming.  If mold is discovered, you can contact SERVPRO for an assessment before taking any action.  First things first, do not attempt to clean, scrub or disturb mold, as the spores will easily distribute into the air.  If you have fans or an open window nearby blowing in the area, turn it off or eliminate any breezes.  Mold spreads easily and by scrubbing it or allowing wind to reach the affected area, the spores will simply move to another area. 

Removing Mold from the House or Office

Calling a mold remediation expert like SERVPRO will allow for a number of actions to take place. The first thing we do is find the source of the mold.  There may be a leak, a water or moisture source that contributed to the mold growth.  Our trained mold technicians will find the source, eliminate further damage, assess the situation, contain the existing problem and remove the mold.  Also, we will professionally clean the affected areas and contents, as well as provide air filtration and provide any restoration, if needed.

What to do with Mold

If you find mold in the house or office, again, here are a few tips on what to do (and what not to do):

  • Do not touch or scrub mold
  • Turn off any fans or blowing air (HVAC)
  • Do not spray any bleach or chemicals on the mold
  • Do not try to dry the area or use any heaters (you will spread spores)
  • Call SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie

Water in the House: SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie helps when you have water trouble in your home or office

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

If you have standing water, flood damage, or other water issues in your home or office, SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie can help.

Water damage is a common occurrence in homes and buildings.  You may experience an event with water from a heavy rain, flooding in the area, a broken sprinkler head, or even from an over-flowing toilet.  Whatever the cause of the water problem, SERVPRO can help.  Water damage is not to be taken lightly, as water can cause damage to flooring, wood trim, drywall and other parts of a structure. When water is standing in a basement, rooms, or even in a bathroom, it seeps into crevices and travels under flooring, trim and baseboards.  If not properly dried, that water can create irreparable damage, even cause mold.  Of course, the amount of water needs to be something beyond a common spill, although even a small, steady leak that is not stopped and dried can create big problems.

When to contact SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie for water damage repairs and drying:

  • Standing water in the basement
  • Flood water has entered the house or building
  • Visible damage to a window, door or walls, with water pooling in areas
  • Roof damage that has allowed wind driven rain to enter the structure
  • Sewer water or other plumbing backup
  • A long-term leak has been discovered

If there is a question of whether water can be damaging your home or building, SERVPRO professionals are trained at identifying and surveying the damage any water may have created.  Most importantly, we can remove the water and clean, dry, and professionally repair water damage.