SERVPRO of Edina / Eden Prairie Employee Photos

Kayt Watts

Kayt Watts

Kayt is a Business Development/Account Manager for SERVPRO of Edina/Eden Prairie.

Kayt grew up in the industry because her father used to work for one of our competitors. She knew a lot about the claims process as well as initial response because of the on-site experience she got when she was younger. She also worked for one of our vendors and received her WRT in 2016.

She says that some of her successes include when in her first 12 months she brought in a seven figure opportunity and after 2 ½ years with the company she was asked to open our new office in Minnesota!

Her favorite part of the job is the people. "Everyday there is someone new to meet and market to and they could be the key to changing your entire year. When you continue to network and build relationships with people you’re not just promoting the brand but yourself. In this industry it is important to build trust because of the, sometimes, devastating circumstances."

Kayt grew up just 15 minutes away from our Chicago office and lived 20 minutes away from our new Minneapolis location for a year after college. Her sister works with us in our Chicago office, too. In college she did two missions trips- one in 2010 to Honduras and one in 2012 to Africa. She thinks both experiences really lead her to wanting the career she chose to mean something and she is happy to have ended up at SERVPRO where she gets to do that almost every day.